Does the foreign aid for poor countries really help? Part 2

"Aid cases has rendered governments to lose interest in the prosperity of their own citizens." Says Andrew Muenda journalist from Uganda, who spoke about the dangers of foreign aid
Full and permanent cessation of such aid for the logical first step to fight this evil industry. But private or institutional charities will use all measures to continue with this huge business. Helping industry has become trillions of dollars. Will use all kinds of misconceptions and will always are mindful of deluded people who give money to "children in need, cure the sick, the helpless animals," etc. They will just continue to lubricate the wheels of this bloody industry
Some people in this business even already have so insolent that they put a trademark of things such as the phrase "for the cure", which is used by the charity to fight breast cancer "Comet". Head of this organization has filed lawsuits against some other smaller organizations, which have allowed to use even a fraction of this trademark - the word "cure." This is just one example, there are many like this.
Of course, small organizations and companies relate it, but when it comes to big, they just are not as important. Thus thinking that conscientious citizens to help fight cancer - they actually nurture it. Do not think that all these CEOs of charities, NGOs, etc., Are working to help someone else besides yourself?
To mention we deceived millions compassionate people who "help" work as volunteers for the great abundance of disasters, problems and all kinds of crashes. It means, for "industry". Totally free, or almost.
Unfortunately instead focus their efforts and resources to help countries in need, many saw in it a chance to get rich quick and ruthless.
Therefore it is necessary to seriously revise the legal framework for all charities, foundations and all types of similar organizations in order not to tarnish the reputation of the already working and proven causes and best practices in the field of volunteering and humanitarian help. Substantial role here is the government's position, which is also a party to these relations