Does the foreign aid for poor countries really help?

It is usual to hear that any type of public figures such as actresses, musicians and politicians talk about it and make the promotion of the need for this. Of foreign aid for '' poor countries '', as for example some from Africa or South America. This kind of foreign aid comes from governments of different countries, who use taxpayers' money.
Assistance may be placed in two categories: humanitarian or military assistance . We should ask ourselves a very simple question. Once this support is so vital and necessary for these, then why the receiving countries are now much poorer than 60 years ago? We need to do for this purpose several comparisons to clarify our image.
One of the people, who really know the situation indeed, is the zambian economist Dambisa Moyo. , SHe's write a book expressed the foreign aid in "poor countries", named "Dead Aid: Why aid is not working and how there is a better way for Africa". She's said that aid causes more harm than good.

Let us note that in terms of public policy major political parties in the western world in most cases agree on the use of foreign aid. No matter which parties are in power, foreign aid continues to allocate billions. Many people agree that this money is needed to help these poor nations, but the truth on the subject is that these money are usually confiscated by the political class and very few of them, if anything, goes as aid to poor and suffering people.

As it turns out, the colossal sums that are sent for the criminal insane politicians - do not help ordinary citizens. Leaders enjoy lavish parties, luxury cars, real estate abroad, and the storage of money in Swiss bank accounts. While local rulers were pampered with gourmet dishes, special drinks, gourmet and custom cakes for hundreds of thousands of their destitute people are starving and dying of malnutrition.
The problem is the corruption of governments and foreign aid, which obviously does not do anything but to pour fuel on the fire.