Mission – to help the poor countries

To help poor countries getting out of poverty, indeed is more difficult than to help rich countries to recover after the war. Europe already had industry, trade and transport. Its economy has just to be recovered. In poor countries, however, even when thanks to foreign aid to build roads, schools and hospitals, people continued to be extremely poor because they lacked industry, natural resources and access to trade routes.
The vicious circle of poverty can not easily be broken. For example, diseases leading to poverty, and poverty leads to diseases. Malnourished children can be 6tolkova harmed physically and mentally that when they grow up, they are not able to care for their own children. Also, when rich countries send their surplus food in poor countries as "aid," local farmers and traders lose their jobs which deepens poverty. A grant of money to the governments of poor countries leads to another vicious circle - the money can easily be stolen and lead to corruption, and corruption leads to more poverty. In short, foreign aid achieves success because it removes the main cause of poverty.
The world produces enough food to feed everyone. Agriculture in the world today produces 17 percent more calories than 30 years ago. This is enough to supply every person on the planet with 2,700 kilocalories per day, which is more than necessary. The problem is that many people in the world do not have money to buy enough food.
The world today is much better than what it was a quarter century ago. Our assertion may sound contradictory to you, but what is happening globally proves it. Extreme poverty has fallen by half over the last 25 years, infant mortality also. One of the poorest countries which long relied on foreign aid already independent and has yet to develop in a positive direction.